Sunday, December 30, 2012

OMG -- Is This Our Car?

Got an email from home. After thorough examination we found that this IS OUR CAR. Our beloved Jeep is experiencing its very first winter. We took it with us every year since it was new. But this year it had to stay at home. So we parked it with some nice neighbors. And just to remind us what the winter is like at home they sent us the picture. Brrrrrrrrr……

1-jeep 002-001   1-jeep 001 

Thanks Deanna and Leo for taking care of our car!


  1. Looks like it might be a few days (or weeks?) before they're able to start it and charge the battery again ;-)

  2. Yep look like back home, glad we are not there too!

  3. be glad you are not there!! quite the snowfall!!

  4. Well I suppose the reality is that all of us (well us Canadians anyways) will no longer be able to travel South for the Winter and have to face this again. Hopefully not for a long, long time !! I HATE COLD AND SNOW !!

  5. aren't you glad your not there sitting in that car :)...glad I never have to experience that white stuff again :) all the best for 2013


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