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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Big Delivery

From Miami via Atlanta, Dallas, El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix to Calexico --- that’s the route our solar panels have taken now. Today we are expecting the delivery of 12 235W solar panels to the Hot Springs LTVA.
Are we starting a solar power plant?  The answer is both YES and NO.
The 12 panels are not going into one power plant but are to be divided between several people. So there will be several small power plants springing up around here. Including freight from Miami these panels costs only $292.00 a piece. What a bargain!

Solar power is essential for boondockers. Where ever we park we don’t pull out our Genset or start the big Diesel Generator. We simply turn on our inverter and voila we have 120V AC in our rig. No noise, no bother with exhaust fumes.
1-DSC_1005     A leisurely walk along the canal

After installing 2 of these panels we will have 470W of solar power. There will be a 40amps charge controller to prevent “cooking” our batteries. Our inverter is a 2000W (4000W peak) Coleman. It will be able to run just about everything.

I will be back with pictures later.

It is still nice weather around here. Lots of humidity has moved in from the coast, everything outside is drenched with dew this morning, but the sun will dry it up in a heartbeat.
On to a new day in the desert!



  1. I will be anxious to watch your progress with your solar. It is definitely the way to go and I am anxious to join the solar ranks!

  2. Looking forward to the photos to learn how it is done on a new setup.

  3. We LOVE our solar set-up. $300 is a fine deal for such a big panel - is that because you combined for better shipping rates?

  4. way to go anxious to see how the hookup goes and how you like them....

  5. Sounds like a good plan at a great price. I'll be interested too in seeing how this all hooks-up.

  6. Excellent price for the 235 watt panels. We have only one 130 watt panel and get by if we conserve. Sure is nice to have quiet power in the desert.


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