Friday, December 7, 2012

South-West High School El Centro

The South West High-School of El Centro is huge. Last year we saw that the first time when attending a Christmas Concert.
1-DSC_0680  1-DSC_0673
Yesterday we attended their “Happy Holidays” Concert with Women’s and Men’s Choruses. And again it was quite amazing to see what students of this school can perform. The fee we had to pay was bringing some canned or dry food for humans or….pets. What a nice idea!
1-DSC_0723  1-DSC_0712
Last night we were back for their instrumental Winter concert.
This performance was with students of several local schools from Elementary to High School. We were impressed with how many students are musically interested.  The music is nice and it is a great entertainment. Just wondering why so few Snowbirds know about this.

Thanks for swinging along!


  1. Such a great way to enjoy the holidays, wonderful music and also contributing to the needy.

  2. Love the Christmas shows. Even with the warm weather it does make it feel more like the holidays are really here.


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