Friday, December 28, 2012

Didn’t feel for blogging yesterday so I skipped a day. Our blogging should never turn into a duty we have to fulfill, but remain a thing we like to do and have fun with.

The Christmas meal, turkey and ham, was another wonderful get-together between friends all of whom have been visiting this place for years. This year one of them bought a huge tent, which has room enough for up to 30 people. The tent comes in handy for all kind of gatherings when the weather is on the cool side.

After the meal we all sat around the fire, chatting about the latest happenings in camp.

Another couple of friends arrived from the north shortly before Christmas and have settled in at the far end of the Hot Springs LTVA.

Today’s agenda included a trip to El Centro to get 2 more golf cart batteries and a few groceries and in the afternoon to pick up some firewood on the countryside. The wood is Mesquite and the trees, which are dead, are probably 600 years old. We got firewood for 10 years easy.

The planning of our annual New-Years-Party is well underway and over a 100 people have already signed up for attendance. It’s a feast with costumes and lots and lots of good food. Of course there’s always good music for the dancers as well.

From time to time we are looking up the webcams back home and what we see is mostly a white and cold landscape. One of our favorite webcams is the one directed to the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
As of this morning high waves from the North Atlantic were rolling in. This webcam gotta be the most popular lighthouse webcam in the world.

Anyway, we do not long back there at this time, but rather enjoy our wonderful sunny skies in the desert south-west.

Thanks for coming over!


  1. That's a neat picture of the cove but I too much prefer to be in the desert during the winter months. However, it's been almost cold here also.

  2. I've been really bad about NOT blogging lately - sure have taken more than 'one' day off. LOL


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