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Monday, December 3, 2012

Like Pearls On A String

I have the feeling that life is good again. I’m finally done with my cold and the days are getting along like pearls on a string. Yesterday we did participate in getting the camp’s Christmas decorations done. 1-DSC_0621-001Every year we hang up lots of lights at the host station. This time we did it early from 9am as the days are still very hot. At around 5pm we met again and had a great potluck supper. Those are the best days.
Otherwise, the hot days have not really contributed to getting us into the right spirit of Christmas yet. As Northerners we grew up with cold days and snow. Even after coming here all those years since 2005 we are still having those thoughts about a white Christmas. Remembering how it was at home, we were always disappointed when Christmas rolled around without snow on the ground.
And when it finally got a bit colder, usually around New Years, we jumped out of bed early to look out the window – often to be disappointed when there was no snow yet. But it usually came around that time and then we had our sleighs, and we went to a place where we could race down a slope  with a lot of other kids.

Those were good days too, though they were short on daylight hours. We had to be home by 3.30pm. 30 minutes later it was pitch dark.

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  1. Well, we won't be decorating for Christmas. We seem to be moving too much this year. I love the lights and seeing all the beautiful work others have done.

  2. Ba HumBug is my take on Christmas ! LOL

    Is that a solar panel I see ? Didn't realize you got your solar done already ?

  3. Getting ready and in the spirit, looks like you now have your solar up and running!

  4. Sure like those propane prices on yesterdays blog. It's looking pretty festive around your camp. Good to hear that you over your cold.

  5. I often wonder if the kids of today know what a sled or toboggan we used to spend hours just sledding...and skating ...looking very christmasy in your park...


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