Saturday, November 5, 2022

We avoided "The Big Apple"

 If you live in New England or the East Coast of Canada (like we) and you intend to travel south along the coast, you would want to avoid NYC or, as it is called "The Big Apple".

        Crossing the mighty Hudson River at Newburgh

We did just that today and it did go quite well, though I must say there were a lot of nutcases on the road. 

Not too much traffic in Hartford CT

I was thinking of my dashcam which has filming every hazardous action out there. Quite a few people on the road must have a secret desire to kill themselves.

The "Hunt is on"

Pulling a trailer down the road however, keeps you mostly in the right lane and with moderate speeds. So I noticed that all the lanes on my left were way more busy than the one I was keeping my eyes on. I couldn't but wonder how many people don't know how to join traffic when the come from a side road. Some just never speed up and others try to drive right beside of you until their lane ends, just to hit the brakes before colliding with you. Others seem to be completely unaware that their vehicle is equipped with turn lights, and others yet, don't know that their car has brakes. The steering wheel and the accelerator seem to be the only thing they know how to use.

I haven't yet reported about our 4-legged passenger Dixie. After 2 days on the road she has fully adapted to travelling in the van.

                     Ms. Dixie - traveling luxury class

She is an unbelievable darling and when we are parked somewhere, she observes our surroundings, and if anyone should try to get close to the rig her bark rings out and we must investigate.

So how far did we get today? We are parked at Camp Walmart along Hwy 9, and we have about 2hrs to the Cape May - Lewes Ferry.

  Camp Walmart

In NY- State

Being at Walmart I thought to get a 6-pack of beer, but I had to learn that the state of New Jersey has strict alcohol laws and does not permit their people to enjoy a beer. At least not bought in a grocery place. Across the road is a LOWES, would they have beer? Oh sorry, yes I know, they don't, just glue for sniffing there.

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