Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Wind Blew Us Straight Through The Carolinas

 Why are most campers going to bed so darn early? Is it the lack of things to do, or (most likely) could it be that traveling is so very tiring?

For us it was the immediate result of having to turn back the clock with 2 hours.

2 hours?

Well, yes, Campobello is on Atlantic Time, which accounts for one hour right away. The 2. hour came as we all went back to winter (standard..)time. It made for a nice "jetlag".

But then campers are also awake early in the morning. Most days it's still pitch dark outside. Then coffee has to be made and the news checked.

This morning my first task was a walk with Ms.Dixie. Cause she got such a long night due to us going to bed early. I wasn't even surprised to see the elderly gentleman from the next-door rig hanging around outside. Naturally we had small-chat about things. Speaking of neighbouring rigs: This morning we had about 10 outside. Seriously, this looked like a campground. Rigs of all sizes and shapes, from the fancy schmancy PREVOST 45ft coach to a small cargo trailer with a window cut out on the side, we got it all. 

Because I am old I had forgotten to buy milk the evening before, so I marched right back into Wally World to get a quart. Meanwhile Bea had squared up inside and all I had left was raising the jacks, hauling the power cable, which connects out inverter with the rig's power system and off we went. Just about a quarter past 7am we were heading down the highway. It was much cooler today and the sky was blue without a cloud.

The I-95 is a pretty good highway as it is flat and mostly without road damage. 

And today we had a huge bonus: The northerly wind blew us straight through the Carolinas, making our gas mileage a lot better. 

Lots of cotton fields along the road

At Florence we left the I-95 and turned east on the I-20 heading towards Georgia. We stopped at the Georgia welcome center which must be one the most beautiful I've ever seen. And here we found another bonus: an RV dump station.

Not that we would have needed it after a stay in the Henlopen State Park, but it is always good to give it another wash again.

Initially, we had thought to make it to Augusta, GA, but another hour took us to Wally World in Madison,GA.

This Walmart does not offer a spacious area for campers, but it looks like we will be the only one here tonight. I got a 5gal, water container (our drinking water) refilled here.

Tomorrow, we will go down to Mobile,AL.

One reader was asking what our final destination is. This time, it will remain a secret until we have reached it. Wait and see!

Mired in road construction: the sign for the Georgia Welcome Center

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  1. Your adventure reminds me of the song, On the Road Again! :-)


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