Monday, November 21, 2022

Rain Again! Preparations for "TEXIT"

 As predicted by the forecast, it was raining again today, and mostly without a break. 

In preparation for our "Texit", (lol) we were headed to the Rio Grande City, which has a full-service Super Walmart (incl. gas station)

We got a load of various breads, preserves for the 3 days of anticipated travel, another 5gal Jerry Can and a number of other food items.

Coming out from the building we had to run for cover, as now it was really RAINING. My goodness, where was all that water coming from? But we weren't really done yet. The new Jerry Can had to be filled and our tank topped up. You wouldn't do otherwise when gas was $2.77/gal, would you? 

Now here is something I have never experienced before: After unscrewing the lit of the can I stuck the filler into it and let go - - - and was immediately showered with gas.

What the H**l was that? I tried again, very cautiously and the gas sprayed me again.

Taking a closer look at the can I saw a plastic insert in the opening. What was that? I grabbed a plier from the van and surgically removed the plastic insert from the can opening. Holding the tube-shaped thing up, I realized this thing had no opening on the lower end. Now, what in the world is the purpose of a tube without an opening in the gas can? Before I could finish filling the can, I had to clean myself up with paper tissues which we always keep handy in the van.

Finally, we were rolling "home" again. But we had another stop on the agenda. One of the propane tanks was empty and we had to get that filled up as well. Heating costs at outside temperatures in the 40s can run up a nice sum within a few days. 

Tomorrow, we are gonna get ready for departure on Wednesday. It's still gonna rain tomorrow, so it won't be too much packing up, but that can't be helped. We are both exhausted over having to deal with this seemingly never stopping rain and the cold weather. We are aware of the weather change coming up next week or even this weekend, but how long were Adam and Eve in Paradise?

While driving through Rio Grande City we realized that the city has a historic center with a lot of old building intact. We would have loved to take a stroll there, but it was pouring down, which made us forego the opportunity.

The images below were taken by Bea from the passenger seat. They will attest to the lovely weather we had today.

Above: A stately Fixer-upper (what a shame!)

                                  The Alamo?

Another Fixer-Upper

Getting back to camp we saw that camp roads were getting worse. Some places I would have appreciated a 4x4. It's a terrible gumbo here.

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