Friday, November 4, 2022

We Are Heading South - YAHOO!!!

Hello everyone.

time has come to start the trail south. As of this morning we are rolling south towards what hopefully will be our "winter summer".

Even though the weather at home did not put any pressure on us to get out of Dodge, after all it was still 67-69F, but we also know it won't last forever and who wants to take off in a rain storm - or worse, a snow storm?

The early morning hours had been chilly enough lately, and soon it will get really cold.

We probably have run a couple of miles back and forth between the house and the trailer until everything was stowed away, some of which found space in the huge cargo box in our van.

So today we rolled off the homey premises and hit the highway. Now, I was extremely curious how the new rear differential we had installed would work out, towing the 7500lbs of trailer weight. After all, I had spent $1800 on the change-over.

Now, at the end of the day, and 314miles of hilly driving through Maine, I am happy to say that driving was finally back to normal, (that was Bea's term) And "normal" was what we once had with our old 4-speed Chev Express, keeping up with the flow of traffic. Our newer Express has a 6-speed and driving it with the old differential of 3:42 was just awful. The new 4:10 brings lots of more torque to the table.

We had a great day in beautiful weather and found the same parking spot as we had last year, the NH Liquor and Wine sales along the I-95. Needless to say, I paid a visit to this outstanding collection of the finest from all over the world. (lol.) And I didn't emerge empty-handed from said visit.

One can hear the highway from here but a tired driver and co-pilot will find great sleep here, once traffic declines on the interstate.

So, this is going to be an interesting trip, and YOU can follow it if you re-visit this blog daily.


  1. Happy to hear all things are working well. Great start, fabulous weather. Safe journey.


  2. Texas or Bust! Safe and Enjoyable Travels. :-)

  3. Happy trails ! Where is ur final destination...same place?


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