Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A Grey Day And We Went To Town

 As mentioned yesterday, today we went to town. Discovering a post office very close to the camp here was just a big surprise. It is almost in walking distance. There seems no end to good services around here.

But we also continued to the town of Roma. Gas stations, fast food joints and general shopping places make up the business center of Roma. The town does sit directly on the border. We could actually see the border station from Main St. just down a side street.

For groceries we went to "BORDER TOWN", a 100% Mexican type of grocery store. Big meat counter and expensive veggies. The rest is drygoods.

Next on the agenda was finding a laundromat, though there is actually a washing machine on the campground. But we had a lot of laundry and didn't want to occupy the camp ground machine for too long. 

On the way back to camp we stopped at a Dollar General. Here more items were found.

While gas is much cheaper around here than in AZ and CA, food seems to be more expensive. 

But one can always go farther south to Rio Grande City to find bigger stores and possibly better prices. 

Today was a rather cold day with temps hovering around 50F. Not a day to sit around outside! There will be a few more cool days ahead before it'll warm up again.

Walking around camp one can study various prickly cactus. The one with the red berries is called "Christmas Cholla". The core of the small fruits are actually edible and have a delicious taste, but here's a warning: The fruits have tiny small spikes, capable of going through you skin, and they are hard to remove, as Bea found out. The big round "leaf-like" cactus is, of course, the known "Prickly Pear", and the grey-green plant is an Agave species.


  1. Greetings, neighbours! It's great hearing from you! Looks like you have found yourselves a pretty nice setup. :-)
    I'll look forward to hearing about your latest adventures
    Stay happy and well.

  2. Rio Grande City has the closest big Walmart and it is usually well stocked. There are nice walking trails in the state park next door as well as lots of lake bottom exposed these days. Zapata to your north does not have much to excite me. They do have a few restaurants that are passable. If you need a doctor go to Rio Grande city. You might get lucky and be at Falcon when the local police and dam folks have to requalify with their weapons, It is quite noisy for a few hours. Also last winter the dam had a nice fellow that came around the campground and announced guided tours of the dam for free.
    I have been camping at Falcon since sometime in 1972 when I got my first travel trailer. Before that I camped there with my dad in the 60s when he went rockhunting in Mexico. I am hoping to get all my medical over with and down there in late January. My usual next stop is lake Amistad at Del Rio in San Pedro Campground.


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