Sunday, November 20, 2022

At Last: 1 Day Without Rain

 But there is no reason to get up our hopes!

Monday it's gonna rain, Tuesday it's gonna rain and......Wednesday we are gonna pull up stakes. We are done with Texas for now. This is NOT the right time of the year to be here. 

Since it wasn't raining today, we drove over to the nearby State Park, mainly to walk Dixie some place without getting her paws into those pesky stickers. 

Dixie enjoying her walk  Below: Falcon Lake

Bea discovered these white Pelicans way down along the lake

Entry fee is 3 bucks/person. We parked in the boat launch parking lot. Here was nobody. Tried to walk down the trail beside the boat ramp. It ended in....mud, but no water. 

Muddy roadway and boat launch ending in shrubs

The water level of the lake has been way down for a long time. No boat will ever be launched from here ever again. After 2 minutes of walking down the trail I was dragging 5 pounds of mud under my feet.

       Our boots after walking down the trail 

This was not gonna work. There was a water puddle up on the parking lot where I tried to clean up my boots again. 

The park has nice campsites, but I imagine it be nice here in dry weather, but don't come here in bad wet weather. Don't come to any place in this area if it is raining as mud will be everywhere. Beside of the mud it is teeth-shattering cold here. We are burning propane like crazy.

Features of the Falcon Lake State Park:

-  nice camp sites

- great wash rooms

- nice day use area

- recreation hall

- various ranger program

- butterfly garden


 End of rant!

The future: Wednesday will see us fleeing the area. Our destination will be 1300 miles away. It's gonna take 3-4 days, but we will be rolling in on the Holtville Hot Springs in California. To H**l with the extra cost of it. We haven't traveled all the way from the Canadian East Coast to "enjoy" rainy cold weather. No Sir!


  1. So sorry you got mired in TX mud and muck!!! YUCK!
    CA bound you are, and I look forward to hearing and seeing all about it. :-)

  2. Good luck at Holtville area

  3. It never rains in travels !


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