Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Lazy Day

The day ran up with a few clouds, but old sun was coming out soon after. A lazy breakfast starts a lazy day. We had no ambitions to go anywhere. Of course, there are always neighbours you can watch. None has come over for a chat. Are they afraid of meeting strangers? I deliberately walked over to a few of them and tried to get a chat going. It worked for a while but.....

Most of these folks seem to be set to stay for themselves. That's fine with us. We can entertain ourselves. 

But while I was talking to one guy, an old truck with 2 Mexicans came down the hill. They stopped and that's when I realized they were propane sellers. Could we really be that lucky? We had an empty 30lbs. tank at the trailer, so I quickly got a deal with those guys and it was only $25 for the 30lbs tank. 

It didn't get really hot today but it was nice under our awning. 

I also cleaned out the van, broke out the chairs, set up the camp table and tilted our solar panels towards the sun. 

Tomorrow, we've got to go to the little town of Roma, checking things out. We need gas, a mailing address, and possibly a few things for the fridge. 

See ya later!


  1. Looks like you are camped pretty close to my usual spot. I am not there already due to medical trouble here in north Alabama. The post office in Falcon Heights will rent a post office box to you and receive mail and packages. At least they were doing it when I left there last March of this year.

    1. Barney, We got a PO Box today. Nice guy, that post master!

  2. Isn't it nice to have 'a lazy day'!!:-)
    I, on the other hand, awoke to a couple inches of snow, which has mostly melted now. :-)
    Looking forward to reading of your adventures. :-)


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