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Friday, October 9, 2020

America On The Brink Of Civil War

Is CIVIL WAR coming to America?

The FBI has charged 13 men who have been plotting to kidnap MI-Governor Gretchen Whitmer and "putting her on trial". At the same time we hear Trump demanding to arrest President Obama and Joe Biden for "high crimes". We also heard him call Kamala Harris a "Monster". Trump is still riling up white supremacists and private militias to start a civil war. A threatening letter has been sent to people who have Biden lawn signs out front. Homeland security has already warned the public of wide-spread unrest.

According to reports, the letter warns: "If you are a Biden-Harris supporter, you will be targeted. We have a list of homes by your election signs. We will not comply or give anything up, especially our guns."

The letter also threatens to shoot and kill former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a 2011 assassination attempt against her in Arizona which went on to leave six people dead. She has since gone on to launch the anti-gun violence group.

This is serious behavior which should not be tolerated. If US law enforcement is not clamping down on any such violation, it will end in a civil war. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada must prepare for "public disruptions" in the US, but refrained from weighing in on US politics.

The Canada border is currently closed because of Covid-19. After the election it might still stay closed because of an outbreak of civil war in the US.


  1. I fear the war has already begun.However,I will not cower to these Repukikin slime balls.

  2. Wow! They really have you brainwashed. I can tell what kind of news you listen to. Try Canadian Free Press. "According to reports..." From WHO? That's the problem with demonrats they put out fake news that the MSM is more than happy to push with no accountable sources. It's a report or an anonymous source. Believe the truth. Look it up for yourself. Don't keep spouting this crap. You have a mind and a computer! Obama and others looked away as Hillary planned her coup. They should all go to jail!!! Your president is smart to not push it ~ wish you wouldn't.

    1. Hi Barb, always nice to hear from you, but I am wondering why you prefer to believe what one man says instead of listening to what most of the world and its leaders are saying about your so-called president. "Brainwashed" you say. But do you really think that the majority of Americans including most of the world population is brainwashed? Why aren't you trying to receive valuable information from around the world press outlets, like I do. And I also have to correct you that CANADA does not have a president. Our top man is called Prime Minister, and we are damn lucky that we have him.

  3. Yankeeflyer: The Repukikin are out numbered...they will be defeated.

  4. Hoping you are right Rita.I want to be proud to be an American again.


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