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Monday, October 5, 2020

What A Great Day For Yardwork

 Looking out the window this morning, I wasn't too optimistic. A grey sky looking like rain was imminent, was not what I had expected for today. However, checking the weather forecast I eyed some hope as it predicted sunny skies a bit later.

As always I took Dixie along Herring Cove Beach for her morning walk. The new herring weir which has taken several weeks to build, was now finished.

I had a little job for a neighbour, so tending to that was my first task of the day. And lo and behold, I wasn't even quite finished when the sun broke through the clouds.

My spirits lifted immediately and I decided to mow the lawn for another neighbour. 

By lunch it was so warm that I threw off my jacket and started working on my snowblower. I mounted the new pull-start which had arrived in the mail yesterday. The  next thing I expect to arrive by mail is a new carburetor. After that the machine will be ready for a snowy winter. 

Looking around our yard, I found that a last lawn mowing should be in order. So I started my ride-on and had that done in no time at all.

While I had been doing all this, Bea had thrown herself over her garden and harvested many pounds of green tomatoes and carrots. 

Some of those carrots have real strange looking shapes.

Already yesterday, she had made tomato preserves in jars, made chutney and apple sauce for delicious meals during winter. 

What a feast! So much fun to have a garden.

The beauty with all that is that we are never too busy to also take a seat on the porch with a coffee and  a few cookies. Life is good indeed! We love this place and have never regretted to settle out here on the fringe of Canada!

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  1. What a lovely day you folks had on your beautiful island.Nothing like a warm fall day to put your mind at ease.


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