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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hero Of The Week: Ms. Savannah (GUTS) Guthrie


The now famous statement came from Savannah Guthrie, who was moderating Trump at the town hall meeting in Miami, when reminding him he as the president should refrain from retweeting any and every statement he sees on twitter.
But after 4 years of practicing, president "twittler" will most likely not change his "crazy" behavior. He truly enjoys his role as someone's crazy uncle.
Ms. Guthrie had the guts to confront Trump in the most direct way and was able to uncover that Trump indeed is America's crazy uncle, who throws out wild statements when he is getting most desperate to lose the election.
There have been many WH press briefings when Trump had been confronted by journalists on certain topics, and where he has either just left the stage or ignored questions or even insulted the asking journalist. But what Ms. Guthrie performed was long over due. Her relentless questioning, not letting up while Trump tried to evade answering, showed the weaknesses of this so-called president.

If the circumstances wouldn't be so sad this townhall actually was great entertainment while at the same time showing the American voter the insanity of Trump.


  1. The insanity of Trump? How about the Alzheimer brain of Biden? Are you not seeing what he and his Crack-head son have been up to? And is he faking the Alzheimer's to keep from hanging when the whole truth comes out? Your blog says "American Traveler" until you actually get here and find you are Canadian. I have tried to comment before, but you are like the fake press, censoring all comments. Wouldn't want anyone to see anything bad about quid pro Joe! What difference does it make to you? Can you even still vote here? Trump has so much to say because he has a lot to do to clean up this mess we call government. It is obvious they get to DC and start lining their pockets and STAY for 47 YEARS! He is not a politician and yes, he is the entertainment President. You seem to be highly entertained or you wouldn't spend so much time posting about him. I found the town hall entertainging as well, but found the MODERATOR a DEBATOR. She is not running & should've let more questions be asked. I doubt you will post this either as it interferes with your control of your narrative.

    1. Dear Barb, really got the urge now, haven't we? Here it is right above, your glorious comment, your hail to the Fuehrer, your allegiance to the crazy uncle of America. Know why I published your comment? I did it because it shows how much off you are with your stance.Now other readers can see how hapless and hopeless the right wing of American politics is. Unfortunately, I have to correct you again.I do not live in the U.S. and if I was entitled to vote in the US, I can assure you I would not just be blogging about the mess you got down there. Trump didn't "drain the swamp" - he CREATED it. Look at all the convicted criminals he had in his league. The last one going to jail has not yet been nominated, but Trump will be one of them. He just said it himself: "Maybe I have to leave the country, if I lose to Joe". But before he and the grifter family leaves their passports will be taken. Guantanamo has a wonderful climate.

    2. I AM surprised you published it, but you did not answer my questions? Is Joe Biden & his corupt son a better choice? If you would use your computer and turn off your tv you will start to be deprogrammed after you start to find the truth. And what urge do you mean? Off what stance? How do you know I believe every thing this guy says? This covid thing is so political that the more he plays along, the more AG Barr sits on his ass and lets these people get away with crimes against the American people the less trust I have in ANY of them. As usual, because of Trump hatred you can't see anything else. But no, we're supposed to vote in Altzhemier guy just because he's a democrat. Hapless...I think not. We do our homework and we don't cry when we don't win, we don't bully and attack becuse we don't like someone and we don't support Burning Looting Murderers. I thought I remembered you saying in another post that you lived here at some point. Don't remember if you were a citizen, but obvious by your comments not any more as you can't vote. So just tell me, What the hell are we supposed to do? We can't let this keep going the way it is. People are corrupt. How could they make those salaries and own million dollar homes? We need term limits and no insider trading for a start. What criminals are you speaking of? Do you mean the criminals that are soon to be exonerated like General Flynn? There's only a couple weeks left before it's all decided. Why don't we see how it all plays out and maybe one of us will eat our words. Yours will be a little harder to swallow. Fuehrer will be the hardest one.

    3. Barb, I do not own a TV. And I don't want one. I don't listen to world-wide news, I READ them. ANY democratic candidate would be better than Donnie boy. And you know that Biden doesn't have Alzheimers but fought a life-long speech impairment. That has nothing to do with his capability as a president. Strangely republicans never questioned whether Trump was fit to serve as a president. After all, that position represents America to the outside world. His "Pussy-grabbing" comment is still in many people's memory. Trump got nothing done for the US. He did not build the wall, he did not destroy the ACA, nor did he come up with an alternative, he undermined basic democratic principles, he has no regard for the US constitution (he never read it) He has no respect for the military and the soldiers (all suckers and losers) he demeaned a Gold-Star family, he cannot stand true patriotism as shown to the world by Col. Vindman. And if that wasn't enough I can mention his inhumane handling of immigrant families with separation of small children from their parents. And if (God forbid) he would win this election, he will take away (he has already said that) the payroll tax which funds your social security. Compare that to Canada where every Canadian has a base pension, based on how long he was a citizen or a resident of the country. Additionally, we have a Canada Pension Plan based on the amount which was paid into the system. I could go on and on, but I am done.

      I do agree with you on one point: Term limits for congress and senate and an enforced ban on insider trading would indeed be a good thing. I can even see that many Americans have lost trust in their government. It's not new and has happened in other countries than the US. It's bad and should not happen, but from there to go to an authoritarian system like in Russia, is throwing away 240 years of struggle to form a functioning country.

      And Barb once more for the record: I don't live in the US and I never did, but I always had a high regard for your country. It is now up to the American majority to show the right way out of this terrible mess.

    4. Barb, your numerous follow-up posts were not published because they contained several directly wrong statements and because I do not want to market these any further. I have read them all and I fully understand and accept that we have to agree to disagree. Maybe one day you too will come to see where you were wrong. It is not a shame to admit a mistake. Btw. that is something Mr.Trump has never done and will never do. One last advice: Try to get your hands on Mary L. Trump's book "TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH". It will help you understand what the person Trump really is. Now let's hope that the future will be better.

  2. My crazy uncle and his brother Ron DeSantis of the Covid capitol of the world,Florida.He will “fire” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) if he loses the critical swing state in the upcoming election.But fear not senior citizens...these two bozo's have your back...if you live long enough.

  3. Very good commentary I think you nailed it

  4. This comment is for Barb. As a Canadian I follow USA Politics for many reasons. Canada is the USA's second largest trading partner. Who is your President has a huge impact on our Economy as well as yours. The Canada/ USA Border is the largest unprotected border in the world as well. With the political climate down there and the Virus so out of control and your President denying that is is even a problem I think it would be terribly ignorant to not keep ourselves up to date on what is going on. Us Snowbirds need to do that as well. Unlike the USA Canadians are taught about the whole world in our School System not just our own Country. We have been wintering in the USA for 13 winters now and this year of course the Border is closed for very good reasons. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. As for the so called President. I used to have so much respect for that title and the White House and now it is just (in my opinion as well as many other around the world) just a big ole reality TV show with the biggest Con Artist as the Star. He doesn't have a Presidential bone in his body and the US is now the laughing stock of the World. I am so scared of any outcome right now and what will happen after the Election because there is a Civil War in the making and Trump is causing it. I have so much more to say on this matter but it would take days. Lets just say as a Canadian I would feel much safer living next door to Iran or Iraq right now. . Oh and if I lived in the US and was allowed to vote I am a Republican but would not vote for Trump if my life depended on it.


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