Monday, November 7, 2016

Whoa… We Got The First Night Frost

I like it when the sky is clear and the new day is showing itself in fresh morning light. But being the seventh of November it comes at a price. Outside temps were –2C (30F)! But hey - we got a warm house at a neglectable cost of energy. Our wood stove is being fired up every morning and the heat coming off it is simply fantastic. Fresh morning coffee and some computing while the house is still quiet. Dogs are sleeping and the parrot seems to hang in with his last dream. That is if parrots are actually dreaming.
Plans are made as the day is progressing. First off is cleaning out the last cardboard boxes from the yellow bedroom.
1-DSC_0406Good thing that we are reaching the end as the next bedroom is now pretty much filled up with stuff.  Holy Smokes will we ever be able to sort through all this and find a suitable place for it? I feel like I should open the window and throw everything out to be picked up by the garbage truck. Of course, that is just a momentary thought. We humans are plagued with our ancient genetic make-up of being gatherers and hunters. How else can one explain all the yard sales going on during spring and summer?
A trip across the border to discuss yet another solution for finding out about the vibrations in our van is next. And a stop at the IGA on the way back nets me a nice pack of fresh fish (for chowder..?) and a huge pork roast.  I don’t complain about the price of large white eggs ($1.19) so I add 2 packs of them to my cart.
1-DSC_03931-DSC_0391When Bea comes home she says that the Buick makes strange noises in a curve. I check it out and find that steering fluid is low. I have to consult the internet to find out where the heck the container for the steering fluid is hiding. Finally I find it in a place behind the alternator way down in the bottom of the engine. What were they thinking by placing it in such an almost inaccessible spot??? Good thing that my hands are not like shovels so I finally press my hands and arm between some rubber hoses and manage to twist off the lid. Yet, re-filling the container poses another challenge. My funnels are too big to reach down there, so i start looking for a hose I can extend my funnel with.  Down in our basement I find a garden hose with a suitable diameter. I cut off a short length and go back to work, filling a little of the oil into my tube. Have to put the lid with the dipstick back on to check the level. More grappling in this dark and inaccessible place. OK, now I am ready to do a test. Down the driveway I go and onto the street. A sharp turn with the wheel and I realize that the groaning noise is gone. Time will tell whether the level stays constant or whether there is a leak somewhere. I feel I have done enough for one day and go for coffee in the kitchen.
Since we are back on Standard Time the days are getting kinda short. Soon the sun will set and dark will settle again.


  1. Nice that you git the power steering fluid topped up. They don't make vehicles easy top service anymore, just easy to build on the assembly line.

    1. Well, that was that. But now there is a deep rumble from the exhaust somewhere. Always something..... :(


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