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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The American Flag Is Flying Tonight

I have hung the American Flag. It’s gonna stay outside overnight. This flag which I have owned for 20 years is still standing for a free and democratic America where all people regardless of their skin colour and their heritage are welcome, and where genders are treated equally. It symbolizes America as the country which was built on the work and strive of immigrants from all over the world.

My flag will stay out there all day tomorrow IF the people of America are making the right choice. However, the flag will not fly again for the next 4 years if Donald J. Trump is chosen as the 45. President of the United States.


  1. Laughing in America. Thank you so very much for showing me, through your words the REAL way Norwegians are. We always wondered where in the heck the bitter, anger and "get even" mentality came from our Mother. Her father had left his homeland of Norway, came to America via Canada. Our great grandmother always said "your grandfather was a Norwegian and there they have horrible personal skills and lots of anger and selfish ways about themselves." After reading your above post, you proved her analogy of over 60 years was absolutely correct about Norway. Early polls release shows Trump with an almost 80% lead over Clinton in KY. IN is also showing Trump leading. You might start preparing your box to pack that Old Glory away.

    1. Hey you are wrong. I am from Germany, just lived in Norway for some time. Laughing in Canada! Cheers.

    2. I welcome you to fly our wonderful Flag each day for the next 4 years. We Americans have spoken loud and clear, we finally have our White House back after many, many years. Keep your anger, dislike and hates north of the border.

    3. What you perceive as hate is a concern for the safety and free democracy of your country. The United States just elected a misogynist, bigot, pussy-grabbing man as your next president. Congratulations! For all those who voted otherwise Canada will welcome you.

  2. I've probably been as vocal as anyone about Trump. I've compared him to Hitler. Right now it looks like he will win. Setting aside my own feelings about that, I am still proud to be an American, and this finally prices we still live in a Democracy. The people have spoken.

  3. Shocked, worried and more than a little scared. I sincerely hope I am wrong about how I feel about Trump and the reasons he won the election. I'm hoping that he surprises me.


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