Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Blues

I don’t know what it is about Saturdays, but every Saturday I wake up in the most happy mood. I can’t explain it otherwise than it might derive from the days where weekdays were filled with a “get-to-work-routine”, while Saturdays were days off.  It used to be the day when breakfast was taken later than usual, and plans for the day could be made freely. And when the weather is great and the music I listen to good, then I stay happy all day. While we were going through our cardboard boxes we found one of Bea’s old diaries. Bea started reading from the first day we spent together and where she had written “…the guy seems to be in a fantastic mood even early in the morning and he can COOK”.  There you have it. I ensnared my wife with a happy attitude and good cooking.  We were both laughing.  Smile

I am happy to say that mostly I am still the same, even though almost 30 years have passed. And life has been so good to us. We have lived in the most beautiful spots in the world, never really had to spend a lot of time in any big city, we traveled a lot, had wonderful pets and interesting work. Moving to Norway in 1977 and to Canada in 2002 were highlights I never will forget. ADVENTURE was my calling.

These days we enjoy living on Campobello Island.
And there is hardly a day going by without me feeling the urge to go out hunting for beautiful pictures I can take. The coming 4-5 months are only the 2. winter we will spend at home. The peace out here is so all-enveloping that one is tempted to forget the ugly things happening afar. But our internet and social media is making sure that that will not happen. And after all we are only part of a larger society which, naturally, runs it’s own course.
Time to take a little nap for Gobbin

This morning Gobbin’s owners showed up to pick up their pet parrot. And I already miss this little bird.
1-DSC_0486When we were a lot younger we both had budgies. Bea once did a painting of her budgies. I could imagine to have a couple again.

Molly hoping for a piece of boiled egg

Molly is missing Gobbin as well. She had so much entertainment with watching him.
1-DSC_0480 1-DSC_0490
Gracie is still here but her owners will return from NYC soon and then we will be alone again with Molly.
Molly and I did a great little walk this afternoon right before sunset. Met a neighbour along the road and had a little chat too. That is why I love living in a small community.

The below pictures are from the village of Welshpool.
1-DSC_05121-DSC_05141-DSC_05161-DSC_0518           Our old Anglican cemetery
Really old graves of the first settlers family Adm, William Owen

The Anglican Church of 1855 where the Roosevelts attended Sunday Service


The Anglican Assembly hall 

Before I took a trip to Lubec today, I stopped by Mulholland Lighthouse and was delighted to see the seals feeding in the tidal current.
Those are “Grey Seals” which get up to 800 pounds heavy.
1-DSC_0559-001   Above: Mulholland Lighthouse as seen from Lubec
1-DSC_0560Old fish processing buildings in Lubec with International Bridge in the background  

Have a great Sunday!


  1. More wonderful photos of the area now being retired we enjoy everyday just like a Saturday.

  2. You live in a truly beautiful place. :-)

  3. Truely beautiful,peaceful,and serene.Bea is a very good artist...enjoy !


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