Friday, November 18, 2016

Puttering Around The House And A Walk In The Forest

I forced myself to get my mind of the terrible news coming out of the United States. And luckily, I have small projects around the house. First off this morning was finishing the painting of our small guest bedroom. Armed with a roll and a pail of paint I went about it.
1-DSC_0606 1-DSC_0607
First the ceiling then the walls. Bright white paint makes this little room appear a lot bigger. Next thing will be to sand down the old hardwood floor. 
1-DSC_0605-001 1-DSC_0605-002
I also hung an old lamp we already had in Norway. We wanted it over the kitchen sink, so I had to drill a few holes through the cupboard. Looks nice and gives off a lot of light.
1-DSC_0608While I was in the kitchen I also hung an antique coffee grinder we once got from Bea’s family.
While all this was going, on Bea continued going through cardboard boxes of stuff. From time to time she was asking me whether I wanted to keep this or that, and I have to say it is darn hard to quit yourself of things you have memories about. But we don’t want to build some big addition to the house just to have enough storage. So we throw out a lot of stuff.

Between meals, Molly needed a walk and that was just the thing I needed. So while Gracie was still here, we went on a forest walk through the Provincial Park.
Molly still enjoys outings like this, but for Gracie this was too much. She is over 16 years old and her legs are too short for this kind of uneven terrain.

1-DSC_0570It is November and late fall so many bright colours are gone. Yet, there is a lot red in the forest. The bright red berries of the Mountain Ash Tree are lasting until December of when ever the birds have eaten them. They have a bitter taste but can be made into both wine and jam by freezing the berries first.

And there is more red on the forest floor.
I received a link to a video from a German distant relative who owns a big-rig dealership. European trucks are so much more modern in technical solutions and design than American Trucks. Since Canada has signed the CETA trade agreement with the European Union we might even see these trucks imported to Canada one day.
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  1. Looks chilly and crisp up there.We also have one of those coffee grinders...but glad not to have to use it anymore.

  2. You are getting things done, and parting with old treasures can be hard but is practical.

  3. Your handiwork in the house is impressive. I would love to see some 'before and after pictures' when you finish.
    The pictures from your hike almost take me there. I love the feelings and smells of autumn but they are--sadly--not here. Today is 83 F. in Tucson--hardly autumn at all.


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