Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Trash Is Starting To Cost Big Bucks And WHAT Is Trump Up To? Now You May Immigrate to Canada!

1-Fullscreen capture 11222016 103832 PMEven the most stubborn Trump supporter and Breitbart watcher has probably heard the news that the Trump family refuses to move into the White House. And what else did you expect. Really…. it should be very understandable to anyone as the three floors of the Trump Tower, the family occupies, are glittering in gold and riches. Naturally, compared to their glitzy NYC abode the White House must seem like a social housing complex to them.  And you, who supported Trump, are already looking forward to chip in for the tax bill. Right? How about 1 Mill. bucks a day to protect the “Royal Family” from those vile democratic New Yorkers.

You still believe in all those great things your Messiah promised you, right?
1-Fullscreen capture 11222016 110959 AMLuckily for the rest of us, Trump is about to be much more of a typical politician than we ever expected he would. Lots of promises, lots of lies…but as soon as the throne is occupied they go down the drain, pardon me, disappear in the Washington swamp.
1-Fullscreen capture 11202016 81606 AM                           ”The Washington Swamp”
1-Fullscreen capture 11202016 75212 AM     re-defining law……..not an offense anymore

Does that sound familiar? It’s gonna be a long walk taking back most of his enthusiastically thrown out promises. And it might just piss off a few of his most radical supporters.
1-Fullscreen capture 11132016 45426 PM
Remember the “Lock her up” chant? His Excellency has graciously offered to not throw Hillary into jail, but rather contribute to “healing”.  He has also asked white trash to stop harassing the poor minorities, he has even denounced the KKK (better cancel that parade in SC folks) and, most recently, the “alt-right” folks. (sorry Bannon you might get fired) And he has acknowledged that the USA already has a fence along a good stretch of the border and that the wall doesn’t have to be all that high. He still hasn’t secured Mexican financing of this project though, which actually might end that project in the ditch as well.  And the removal of 11 mill of undocumented residents has shrunk to a few criminals across the country. A bit of sour wine would be that the GOP is seriously thinking of fading out your medicaid and medicare, so you can soon start calling your favorite health insurance crooks you have been so happy with before.
While you guys are scrambling to earn the money for your new health insurance, His Excellency Trump will enjoy a fair game on his Golf Course with his good friends and have a nice evening supper with his Queen at the most expensive NYC restaurant.
Life is good. Cheers!

PS.: If you should NOT like these changes I have good news for you. Canada is actually opening up for Americans moving north across the border. Americans were making the Canadian Immigration Website crash right after the results of the election became known. Really, check it out! We love you guys.
1-Fullscreen capture 11232016 73852 AM


  1. His campaign rhetoric is proving to be just that... rhetoric b.s.

  2. Drumpf and his deplorable hypocrites are only trying to protect their a-- so that when the time comes that our congress decides to spend millions of dollars to investigate Drumpfs financial holdings and emails he will be exonerated.I can't believe that I spent 15 years in the armed forces protecting a country that I thought had the values of freedom to all people and now find that my country is no better than the dictators and communists that I thought we would be liberated from.

  3. Not sure if Andrew Louis is a good fellow blogger or not,however I would not click on any of the above sites as they may be virus infected. If I am wrong I apologize.

    1. His "comment" just disappeared into Spam heaven. :-(


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