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Friday, November 11, 2016

November Days

Only a few weeks until Christmas and we are still enjoying quite civil temperatures, though yesterday we had a cold westerly wind.
1-DSC_0476The wind increased in force, and strewn across the grass I see the last leaves of our big maple tree.

Our reno project upstairs is continuing with more sheetrock on the walls covering the old plaster.
1-DSC_0457                Molly still busy with watching Gobbin
Our evenings are now filled with going through boxes and boxes of pictures and old letters. I am sure you have done this too…looking at old pictures of yourself friends and family. Lots of feelings to the surface. 
My brother always had a special very funny way of writing and his letters brought tears of laughter to my eyes.
While dark clouds were hovering along the western horizon, the sun was up this morning sending rays of light to the city of Eastport, Maine. We love that view.
Some trees are still holding on to their leaves shining golden against a dark sky.
So much beauty!


  1. That is mighty beautiul and peacefull.Always liked that area,Campebello,Eastport,Lubec.We are looking at some property in Robbinston by the water.

    1. Robbinston, really? We get to be neighbours then. How nice. There's also lots of properties for sale on Campobello. :-)

  2. We may consider Campobello also as we have owned property on Prince Edward Island in the past....but definitely looking forward to meeting you and perhaps a coffee on Josies Porch.


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