Sunday, December 27, 2015

Unbeknownst To Me I Photographed A Monster

After days with daytime highs around 50F we got a break with wintry conditions. We knew it would be coming, so when I looked out this morning it had just started to snow. The reflecting light off of the snow compensated for the cloudy sky.
The dandelion we saw peek out between the grass yesterday got a bad surprise today when it was all covered up by an inch of wet snow. Of course I felt an urge to take some shots of the arrival of winter. So through the bathroom window I pointed the camera towards the spruce trees behind the house. It wasn’t before I had published the pics on Facebook that I saw the scary monster looking at me. Dark eyes, an open mouth and white teeth showing….what was it doing there?
1-DSC_0186        An innocent picture taken out back…..
1-DSC_0186-001                 …turned up a frightening monster!

         Frosty the Snowman is looking forward to some winter.
Had visitors coming by yesterday and I am not ashamed to say that we indulged in food most of the time. Started out with lotsa cakes (Linzer Torte) and pastries, moving towards a full dinner with Beef Stroganof and “Mousse au Chocolat” for dessert. What a feast!  Christmas has always been my winter highlight!


  1. I am definitely more scared of the snow than the monster:)

  2. Took me a while, but I found it!

  3. Took me a while, but I found it!

  4. You can keep both your monster and the snow. Food is always welcome.

  5. Beautiful! Snow is great as long as I have the right clothing, then I'm warm and cozy and can enjoy it! Love the Christmas table all set - and the pics of the cakes even more! I haven't made stroganof in a while - I make "lazy man's" or "poor man's" stroganof using ground beef with rice instead of noodles, which I like better. It's so easy and good. I'll have to make that some time soon. Happy New Year to you and Bea! :)

  6. I looked really close at your monster and saw more of the gentle faced Molly. Either way since we are staying put this winter we'd rather see a lot less of the white stuff.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Bea.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I like your monster, Christmas dinner but not so much the snow and cold.

    2. I did see the same, Rick and Kathy. It is either Molly or the ghost of our late lab Boomer who is watching us. :))


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