Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday's Nice Nature Walk

Being a blogger these days is not any easy task as we still can't access our blogs through Live Writer. I wonder what on earth is the problem this time. If Blogger continues producing problems I will change to Wordpress pretty darn quick.
We came across this decorated tree along the Roosevelt Park Rd.
But that did not keep us from enjoying yet another incredibly beautiful day in December. Actually, the high temperatures are the talk of the town. 

Our hike led us along South End Beach and this time Bea came along. 

Like my previous hike along that beach it was a great experience to observe nature. We found special rocks, a white-washed piece of a tree root and took pictures like the one below, which looks like we have been in the mountains. 

Yet, it was only a volcanic rock sticking out of the gravel. 

Barnacles on a rock
Winter days are always making for great colours. The sun stands low over the horizon, making for longer and more pronounced shadows. 
I say "winter days" but there wasn't much winter around. It got so warm that we both took off our jackets. 

Back at home, I hauled our Christmas Tree out of the woods and placed it at our rear entrance with lights mounted. 

 Come Christmas Eve we will move it into our living room and fully decorate it for the "12 Days of Christmas". 

When finishing the tree, I saw a little elf leaning in at our rear entrance. I wonder what he was up to.

Have a great Sunday and 3rd of Advent!


  1. The little "elf' was a gift from your aunt Irmgard. They made it at their Christmas craft week at church. That was at least 10 years ago. We had three of them, but only one survived so far, though it's bark is coming loose. During the summer it watches over the garden, hidden under a lilac bush.

  2. Blogging without Livewriter just isn't the same. It takes forever trying to get the photos right. Hopefully, it'll return sooner than later. Love the pictures.

  3. The beaches sure are pretty there at Campobello, in the 'winter' too. I'd love to see it when the wind is going a little more.


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