Friday, December 4, 2015

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

What would Christmas be without all the celebrations and the lights, the Christmas music and …..a little bit of winter?
All the years we have been in the warm south I had a problem getting into the right Christmas mood. Not that we didn’t try hard, but when you did grow up with snow and frost you will always look back at your youth and the days will shine in a golden light.
Last year’s Christmas was spent in our trailer in wintry Alberta. Not quite the same than being in your own cozy warm house.
Today we woke up to just a slight dusting of snow and –4C. Ok… got a bit of a problem when we wanted to drive away in our Buick. The darn car was frozen shut – solidly. Had to use the heat gun all around the driver’s door before I could get it open.
December 4th marks the lighting of Campobello’s Lobster trap Christmas Tree. A few small kids were singing a few Christmas songs and afterwards there was free cookies and hot chocolate.
Small events like this are worth to attend to.
Over the past days we have been asked repeatedly whether we are staying around all winter. And it seems that people like us to stay here.
1-DSC_0647 1-DSC_0648
I must say I am really looking forward to this winter. It marks a difference in our lifes, yet it reminds me of many, many years of  “overwintering” in snowy Norway where we were surrounded by majestic mountaintops.
1-DSC_06261-DSC_0630                        Our “winter dog” Molly thriving in the snow.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Pre-Christmas Time.


  1. Our dog's a 'winter dog' too. Just wants to be outside once the cold weather's here. Hope you end up enjoying winter!

  2. I have to agree - it's hard to get in the Christmas mood without the snow. But I still don't miss it. Molly looks so beautiful and happy playing queen of the snow.

  3. Yes I agree as well about Christmas not being the same down here in the south. It just doesn't seem to be Christmas without snow. Although I am glad we are where we are for the winter there are still things I do miss & one of them is that good old snowy Christmasy feeling from oh so many years ago.........

  4. It is hard to think of Christmas when you're sitting under a palm tree. Maybe that's why we always go "home" for the holiday.

  5. I kmnow you will enjoy your winter, have fun in the snow.


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