Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fulltiming Or Seasonal?

There was a time when we thought of going RVing fulltime. We lived the RV-lifestyle for 13 months and enjoyed every second of it. But there was the nagging thought WHAT IF….?
What if we can’t travel anymore? What if one of us gets sick and is in need of frequent doctor visits? What if the economy is folding? What if gas prices go through the roof?
We are Canadians and can’t choose a warm spot for living year round. We have no family in the country where we could “hole-up” for a time. So after 13 months we bought a house again and haven’t looked back.

When writing this I think of fellow RVers and bloggers
Betty and Joe, whom we had the pleasure of meeting in Borrego Springs at the Indian Head Restaurant. Joe has been diagnosed with cancer and, as Betty just blogged about, is having a lot of doctor appointments. They are having a homebase and have known some of their doctors for years, a very important support for them during this difficult time. We hope and pray for Joe and Betty that they find the strength to walk through this together.


  1. It is a big decision. We're a little bit of full time and a little bit of seasonal. We have no idea when that will change.

  2. We are in our 10th year fulltime, when the time comes we will settle down, having too much fun right now.

  3. Definitely a decision that we all have to make at some time and health issues can help make the decision for us. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. I know exactly what your saying & when we thought about going full time back in 08 we had to seriously consider all those reality based 'what if's' as well. Had we gone full time I know we would have enjoyed if for awhile, but only for awhile. Looking back now I am so very glad we did not sell our Bayfield house. No matter where we go or what happens we always have a home to come home to & that becomes more & more important the older one gets.


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