Saturday, December 5, 2015

Along The Lonely South Shore

The fact that it is December does not preclude that the weather turns real nice. Yesterday we had a bit of snow – today it’s all gone and the sun shines. Temps are well above freezing and I had only one thought – heading out to one of the loneliest beaches on Campobello.
1-DSC_0649       Roosevelt Park Road to South Beach
1-South Beach Hike
It stretches along and around the two Duck Ponds on the south side of the island vis-à-vis Lubec,ME.
It is a pebble beach with very little sand in between, so one has to be sure-footed to get along there, but the rewards are spectacular, at least if one has an eye for the beautiful wild nature.
1-DSC_0679 1-DSC_0689
                      Nature…dead trees and Christmas trees
Behind the pebble beach is a small brackish lake. It would be freshwater if it hadn’t been for the violent storms hitting the coast and pressing the salty waters over top of the beach.
1-DSC_0651                           A brackish lake behind the beach
South-Shore Beach is also holding most driftwood of all Campobello shores.
1-DSC_0694Trees in the front row have mostly succumbed to the impact of the saltwater and the storms. They build the perfect backdrop for any photographer. Roots are turned up adorning this beach with bizarre sculptures.
1-DSC_0687                                      The Art of Nature
Even during summer months you would rarely meet another beach wanderer here. Birds are plentiful, gulls and ducks and eagles – of course. It’s the perfect nature preserve.
Once I was out of the sharp wind and protected by forest, it got so warm that I took a moment sitting down on a log with Molly by my side.
Life is so beautiful if one just knows how to enjoy it.
1-DSC_0667 1-DSC_06731-DSC_0705-001
I will have to return here with Bea one day.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to explore! Love that big old root sculpture.

  2. You are right. December doesn't necessarily mean bad weather. Sometimes it's really nice.


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