Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Lights From Around The World

You like Christmas Lights? I have been an admirer of it for all of my life. The glitter in the dark of a wintry night has always fascinated me. So when we started to celebrate our own Christmas we also had lights, usually just on an outside tree or a couple of lights in a window. From the moment we came to Canada our Light display has increased in size, mainly due to the fact that we bought a bunch of light chains at some garage sales.

What I found on the internet – Christmas Lights from around the world- is probably going to blow you away.   Click on images to see a bigger version.

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  1. Nice:) I am afraid mine are really low key, especially after seeing these:(

  2. Sometimes it seems to get a little carried away'

  3. Imagine the number of lights needed for those displays? Imagine the current those lights pull? Imagine the light bill those places are receiving?

  4. Maybe we have to reconsider in the future after the Paris climate agreement?


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