Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snowing And Blowing

…makes for a lot of shoveling the day after.
1-DSC_0226        Yesterday: Fighting with the elements
Today was “the day after” and we went out armed with shovels to do our 60yd driveway and got the vehicles going.
Winter arrived yesterday with nonstop snowing and a fierce wind producing all kind of snowdrifts.
Powdery snow is easy to get out of the way but after a full day’s storm has blown, snow is not powdery no more. It has been converted into a heavy hard-to-dig-in-frozen-together hard-packed backbreaking mess. And when we reached the lower end of the driveway we had to dig and push through the heap which had been pushed into the driveway by the community snowplow. Oh what fun, oh what fun….
There is one good thing though: What other people have to pay for – a real work-out in a gym – comes free of charge for us.
And since we had so much fun with our work-out we also did the property of our next-door neighbour.                                                                 

Well, today it did start to snow again but  yesterday’s frigid temperatures of – 13C have given way for some milder temps and so the new snow was melting. But make no mistake….the stuff we got on the ground, somewhere between 8-10”, will stay until it’s time for the crocus to enjoy spring.


  1. I did a lot of snow shovelling last winter, then realized why we appreciate come south. Keep buys and keep warm there.

  2. I wish that snow in Indonesia.. hehe
    woud you like to read and vist this also ?


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