Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Traveling Bastards And Some Other Stuff

Today’s headline might be surprising as to why we have encountered The Traveling Bastards. But there is a very reasonable answer to that. They (the bastards) came to us in their little Class C because they are members in “Boondockers Welcome”. Of course calling somebody a bastard might raise an eyebrow here and there but let me tell you that Luis and Simone who are on a year-long journey through Canada and the U.S., call Seattle,WA their home. At least it is home for the time being. Doesn’t mean they will return there. After all they have been living in all kind of different places like f.ex. Argentina. But back to “the bastards”. Luis is from Venezuela and “Bastardo” is a common name in that country. So, as they intended to travel and keeping a blog about their trips, they call themselves “The Traveling Bastards”. And if you scroll down the blog list on the left menu you will find their blog. Have fun with reading. It will keep you busy for a while. They have been here a few days and while their intention and plan was 2 nights only …..well we got along pretty well with the “Bastards…pardon….Bastardos”, they are still here enjoying what is coming their way.
1-DSC_0897                              Boondockers Luis and Simone Bastardo
And what exactly is going on on Campobello these days? 
Well, after a few days of foggy mornings and a lot of humidity, this morning was a pleasant surprise. The Fog was gone.
And that is even though today is the beginning of the 3rd annual
FOGFEST on Campobello. It’s gonna last until August 2 and features a wide variety of musical events.

As we are in the end of July, colours in our landscape are changing again. The beautiful lupines are gone and they have been replaced by abundant “Fireweed” along the roads. Fireweed is indeed an invasive plant but will mostly stick to poor soil and gravel pads. Nevertheless it makes for beautiful pictures.
1-DSC_0892 1-DSC_0895
But a summer is not really a summer without 1-DSC_0888having a nice strawberry cake. So the other day I indulged in baking a sponge cake. Remarkably, it was my first successful sponge cake in Canada. It was so fluffy that I feared it would take off and hang under the ceiling like a balloon! 

This morning I got an email from Norway. “Our house” has been put on the market again and it made for some “memory-lane-style” thoughts about our past.
lismarka001 Lismarka007Lismarka011
This was a classroom way back in the mid-1800s.
We found the house… I mean the materials, for the house, in a little village in coastal Norway. It was a log building which had served as a miniature school for many, many years. You sure know what I mean, the kind that has only one classroom and where the teacher lived above on the loft.
The building was in a real poor condition, but that didn’t matter too much to Peter who had plans to take down the whole thing and truck it 200miles south to a new lot.

The whole process of re-building the house and bringing it up to modern standard took 12 months. 
When it was done it looked beautiful. We didn’t live there for long as we made our move to Canada 18months later. It’s about to change ownership again now and the previous owners have added an addition to it. Price has doubled, of course, but that is to be expected after 13 years.

The realtor had 29 pictures on the page and we looked at them and compared with the pictures we still have from when the house was indeed ours.

Interesting morning after all.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Sounds like you've found new friends. That is a beautiful home. A lot of work and love went into it.

  2. Nice looking home. I always find it interesting checking out some of the homes I have renovated over the years, lotsa great memories.

  3. If I were living in a "real" house, I'd love living in your home. It's beautiful!


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