Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Work Project Appears

A couple of years ago we received 2 used glass sliding doors which I never had any idea about how to use. They have been “parked” along the shed waiting to be used. Then, these days a neighbour came over asking us whether we had use for a window of thermo pane glass. It is rather big, it turned out to be 5’x7’.
Now, by combining this window with the two glass doors we could be looking at a total of 11ft of window, which made me think GREEN HOUSE!
We have long been talking about some kind of green house to get an early start of the growing season. Looking around I found the best place for a green house along the south wall of our garage. I quickly made a list of necessary lumber and a drawing to “sell” the project to Bea. Turned out it she was already sold on the idea.

But then a second thought appeared. Our rear entrance deck could really use an upgrade. The planks were looking shabby and needed replacement. Hmm…by ordering just a few more planks I could use the new materials to replace the deck, then use the old planks to build the green house of, at least using most of them.
2 days ago our materials arrived by truck from Machias, Maine and yesterday I started utilizing my crow bar to remove the old decking. It was an exhausting task, as I was working in the hot sun and some of these old buggers were nailed down with now rusty nails and really hard to get off the frame.
When done I cut the new planks and nailed them down with galvanized nails. Another very exhausting task in the hot sun. My water bottle was never far away….
This morning I painted the new deck and it looks just great. Then it was time to start working on the initial green house project. I had purchased cement blocks for a foundation and placed these blocks on a bed of gravel, which was already in place.
Working with bricks and blocks has never been of my favorite occupations, but to my own honour I managed to set them in a straight and level line.

Floor joists were cut and fastened with joist hangers to the garage wall. And that was the point when my neighbour showed up. After getting the tour of  my projects I offered yet another couple of glass-door windows, same size as the ones I already had.  So, before this project got even halfway I got another extension coming.

When I mentioned this new development to Bea she just nodded and that was that.  I might need a few more materials to cover the extension but that is of minor importance. Main thing is that we finally get a green house of double pane glass.

Updates to follow!


  1. Good luck with your project and hope everything turns out as planned.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. A green house would be awesome. This year my wife started her plants indoors, and they've all been long ago transplanted. Such a chore though. Good luck.

  3. What a great use of the materials at hand, would like to see the finished project.

  4. What a great idea for using the windows. I'm like Bea - I just nod whenever Jim says our project is going to be bigger.

  5. Great idea. Looking forward to updates.


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