Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Big Show Is Over And NO RAIN!

The entire Campobello population has been watching the weather developments all day long.

The fog lifted off after a few hours but a grey cloud cover remained. During the afternoon there was a 80-100% chance of rain starting at 7pm ADT.
1-DSC_0566After only a few droplets rain was over at 6pm and the skies had lightened up considerably when the Canada Day Parade went along without any rain at all.

1-DSC_0596  1-DSC_0598
Lots of people had lined up along the route and we participants in the parade made sure of a lot of noise with car horns and high music. The Fire Departments of Lubec,ME and Campobello made out the start of the parade.
After the parade there was free cake and ice cream for everybody.
1-DSC_0608 1-DSC_0612
1-DSC_0568 1-DSC_0571
Rock painting for kids                    ……and funny hats

We did visit a neighbour in their garden and Bea took a few really nice shots of summer flowers.

1-DSC_0576  1-DSC_0582
1-DSC_0574  1-DSC_0575


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