Thursday, July 2, 2015

Paradise In July

The beauty with our weather is that IF we get rain it’s lasting maybe a day or two, but then the sun is there again and makes this place, this island a true paradise. Today was such a day. After a little puttering around at a neighbour’s place, I ran an errand across the border to get rid of cans and bottles at a redemption place. Got some dog food and some food for us and was back home right around noon.
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A slight breeze was making sure it didn’t get too hot and one could feel the amazing peace in the air. Again I can’t but compare this place to the huzzle-buzzle of Edmonton. Here we can be humans, we can help our neighbours, and we can have a happy dog, sniffing around the buildings without running the danger of finding something poisonous.

The evenings are even more quiet and the sun is bathing everything in a golden light.

This IS paradise in July for us.


  1. Got to love that area of Canada enjoy the great weather while it is there.

  2. After all we live by the weather if we like it or not,enjoy this fantastic season as long as it lasts.

  3. I like this post so much better than the ones of you and all the cold and snow. This is much happier.


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