Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh, Oh It’s Canada Day!

Why is it that we are shrouded in thick fog on Canada Day? Why can’t we have the blessing of a sunny day when there have been many sunny days before? I am hanging out the flag but it hangs straight down like it is sad to be out in this dull weather.
1-DSC_0563      July 01 2015  CANADA DAY
And, believing the weather men, it’s gonna get worse towards the evening. What about the “Little People’s Parade with their fancy little carts and wagons? What about the picnic in the Provincial Park?
Our local Canada Day Committee is always striving to make the best arrangements, but nobody can change the weather. With fog and later rain there won’t be any fireworks to see either.
Canada Day                  Canada Day crowd from an earlier year
Well, we have to make the best of it. It could be worse like I remember Norway’s National day on May 17. Oftentimes we had snow showers coming down on the parade.  Brrr…..


View of Eastport, ME (Beatrix Kohlhaas)

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  1. Too bad about the fog, we are in Lunenburg and it is a bright sunny day. Happy Canada day!

  2. Happy Canada Day. Hopefully some of the activities can still take place even without sunshine.


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