Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day AMERICA!

It is time for America’s National Day and fireworks are going off all around Campobello. Yes, it sounds like WWIII has started. Over at Eastport they have a grand party and music is looming across Passamaquoddy Bay. Normally Molly hates all fireworks, but yesterday evening she slept through the entire banging.
A U.S.-navy vessel was supposed to visit Eastport, but the ship never came.

Over here on the Canadian side we have hung the U.S. flag from our porch and she is in company with Canada and New Brunswick.
DSC_0682[1] DSC_0683[1]
Wishing all our friends in the U.S. a Happy Independence Day.


  1. It was a wonderful day here and thanks for the wishes. Do you suppose my pretty girl is losing some of her hearing? I know Scooter is especially when she sleeps.

  2. Another great day of celebrations on Campobello and good weather to boot.


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