Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An American Tragi-comical Show Making Headlines

Had a few days of weather-related break with working on the greenhouse project, but I finally got all the big windows in, installed a door, painted the front and also applied construction foam along the window gaps. I still need to build a rear wall and finish the roof.
1-DSC_0846Me clowning around with the foam gun 1-DSC_0849
Next week Campobello will be centre stage for the annual FOGFEST. Many different music venues over several days will draw another stream of visitors to the island.

1-DSC_0635 1-DSC_0641
And while we will enjoy a lot of music, Americans are in the middle of a the biggest public entertainment show ever.
1-DSC_0645 1-DSC_0652
Of course, I am thinking of trumping Mr.Trump. This wild card of a self-proclaimed White House candidate is trampling on a lot of people’s feelings.
Playboy Trump has shown to the world that his understanding of a war hero is somewhat different than mainstream and that he will not move into the Oval Office. Thank you, Mr. Trump!
While he is harassing Mexican immigrants his own heritage is rooted in Germany where the Trump family is living a small-scale life in their little town. I wonder what they think of Mr. Rich Trump.

His blatant and stupid speeches held in public have made headlines around the world and made him a persona-non-grata even in the most conservative republican circles. And frankly, that means a lot. Why he is still wasting more of his money on a fruitless campaign is incomprehensible.
I have never been a fan of Sen. John Mc.Cain, but Trump’s characterization of Mc.Cain’s military career is unbelievably dumb, senseless, and downright wrong.

Needed to get that off my mind.

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