Friday, January 30, 2015

Spring Break Is Over

It was supposed to be my day off, but the phone rang at a quarter to eight a.m.  The bus company was short of one driver and there was nobody else to ask than…me. So I took the trip up to Cold Lake. Just another 11hr. day. It turned out to be the last day with temperatures around the freezing mark, but during the evening it got cold and all the water puddles froze.
Next morning was gloomy with a grey high cloud cover. Temperatures dropped further and in the afternoon it started snowing….and blowing. It took only two hours and the first trucks were in the ditch. One was actually pulling a trailer with a boat (!) which had a big outboard motor hanging from the stern. All ended up ….in the ditch. Who in his right mind pulls boats through frozen-up Alberta?

I have no words.

My home commute took a full hour! It seems like people take to driving as soon as the roads turn nasty.

Instead of staying home.

Never before had I seen such traffic volume than this evening on this stretch of road.
Driving was difficult as snowplows were absent.

Warm spring-style days are soon fading into the background. But we are in a warm house and nothing can change that.

When I fueled up the bus I saw this rig parked a bit off the gas station.

The owner has found his very own heating solution.

Don’t do this in your rig!


  1. It always amazes me that any one drives on those kinds of roads if they aren't absolutely required to be out there. And that rig is really scary. I sure wouldn't park anywhere close to it.

  2. Does he have a wood stove in there? You must be an excellent driver to be able to drive in that kind of weather.


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