Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Crocuses Won’t Come Early This Year

It would take a whole lot of optimism to assume that the flowers of spring would appear any earlier this year than normal. Yet, a person could come to such foolish anticipation if he would take today’s measured temperatures to be a sign that winter is bleeding out its force. Today Edmonton was hit with a WARM SPELL bringing today’s high temps up to 5C (41F) Snow and ice was melting before my eyes, but creating somewhat slushy road conditions which mandated the use of copious amounts of window washer fluid.
Midways through the day I received a text message from Bea saying that our frozen sewer pipe had sprang back to life, meaning that icy obstacles had vanished. Just in time, I’d say, given the fact that we need to leave the trailer on it’s own for the next 3.5 months. And who would want holding tanks filled to the brim, freezing up. Now at least Bea was able to empty said tanks, which really made my day.

We are still trying to lure the fridge back to life, but haven’t been blessed with any success. But I will let you know if this biggest of wonders will happen before we change our where-abouts.

YES,YES,YES…..I know…only 3more sleeps!


Thanks for dropping by again!


  1. Thawing is a good thing for everything.

  2. I had the 11th in my head for the day you guys were moving into that house. Oh well, you survived this long - THREE MORE SLEEPS !! YIPPPEEEE !!


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