Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dead Body In Our Bath Tub

When Bea emerged from our washroom this morning she announced that a long-time trailer resident had passed away. And she found the body in our bath tub. It was our beloved fly which had succumbed to the rather arctic temperatures of the past few days. We have seen her many times sitting along the window enjoying the warming rays of the winter sun.
fly             R.I.P.

Once in a while she would be cruising at low altitude over our meals but never daring to sit down on my plate’s edge. Since she had been with us through the entire fall we had grown fond of her presence. Now we have to wait for spring temperatures to maybe get her successor.


  1. LOL - Quite the catchy title for your post !!

  2. When I first saw her around in October I wanted to get rid of her. But then I thought - it would be interesting to see how long she can make it. Maybe even until spring arrives. So, the insect was spared. Some days she was invisible, probably sleeping. Some days she was cruising around. I hadn't seen her for quite while when I found her under the laundry basket. Probably frozen to death when we had the cold snap last week. Good to get rid of her, but kind of sad too. Odd ;)


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