Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is It A Sad Day For Canadian Justice?

The community of St.Albert, AB is mourning the death of an RCMP-officer which was fatally wounded as he was investigating a car theft in a St.Albert Casino. What should have been a routine police procedure, turned into a deadly assignment for officer David Wynn when the suspect Shawn Maxwell Rehn fired shots at officer Wynn and his colleague Aux. Const. Derek Bond. While Bond was hit in the arm, Wynn was shot in the head and died without regaining consciousness.
Rehn is a guy with the most impressive rap sheet with nothing less than 55 convictions. His criminal career started at the tender age of 15. He has been known to law enforcement for most of his pitiful life. He has been in jail and released, went back to jail and was released again. Over and over and over. Even police officials are asking the question why this villain was allowed back into the public. However, the judicial system is still finding all kind of excuses of why and how this man’s acts can be explained and that society failed  to straighten out this guy, implicating that he is innocent of his crimes.
“Maybe he was suffering abuse, mental illness or drug abuse”. 
This is exactly the point where our justice system fails to function. Rehn was a living time bomb ending up with killing RCMP officer Wynn who also was a father and a husband. Shall we excuse criminals because they abuse drugs? Can society take responsibility for someone’s mental illness or that parents abuse their child?  I think not.

What do YOU think?


  1. I think you are right. There are too many loopholes in the system and the criminals figure them out pretty quick, with the help of lawyers.
    The problem is that the people that CAN make the changes, simply don't.
    So GOOD people die (like Police officers) and BAD people get away with it (although in this case the shooter seemed to take his own life, but most times they get away with it).
    I cringe at where the legal system is today and where it appears to be going.
    And in this case, so many people left behind in the wake of something that is totally preventable.

  2. I'm sick and tired of "society" being blamed when anything goes wrong, or people commit crimes. I remember when - if someone killed a cop they were hunted down until caught, and I think the death penalty was a given. Now - oh, well, he was poor growing up, he's black, he was abused. Yeah, so were millions of other people, and they are successful, good citizens.

    It's time people (and politicians and government employees) take responsibility for what they do, and are treated accordingly. Like fined, fired, jailed, and/or booted out of office.


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