Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hanging Out

When  Bea and I hooked up with each other some 28 years ago our lives together have never been plagued by boredom. We have lived through lows and highs and have enjoyed most of it to the fullest. I have earlier told the story of my love to Canada which has led me into most of my adventures. I am proud to say that I have always done what I wanted to do. There are not many things I have been prevented from experiencing. Maybe being a trapper in the Yukon was the only thing I had a desire for but never got to do. But who knows what’s coming…..?

In my current job I mainly enjoy the contact with so many people. People who travel. People who are on the move to something. People who are driven by curiosity to meet…..people.

I remember a nice young fellow who was about to have a first trip with his girl friend to Las Vegas. He was totally “in charge” and did not pass up any chance to be the leader of them too. And when I dropped them off at the airport he handed me a generous tip of  USD, making sure his girl friend would be aware of this as well. When I got back behind the wheel I had to smile of the two young folks.

I have now been working without a break since January 20 and today is the first day off. It’s a clear cold day with a deep blue sky. Bea and I went shopping and also been paying a visit to our trailer in the RV-Park. We still needed a few items from the trailer and also paid our power bill there. From now on the trailer will be without power. I hope our batteries will survive the cold weather. By-the-way next week we will get yet another mild spell.
From Thursday to Friday there will be a rise of 27C to 11C. At least that’s what the weather guru says.

Later we did a walk around our neighbourhood where we saw this beautiful house. It was built by the original developer in the early 1900s.
20150203_134552Compare that to today’s faceless new constructions.

And now I am just chilling and relaxing with a coffee in a good chair. Life is so good!

Due to a continuously low oil price, Alberta is now in a state of economic worries. Reports of thousands of lay-offs, especially with contractors, have already caused a 34% downturn in the Calgary housing market. At the same time house inventories have spiked with 37%. There is definitely a doom and gloom mood out there. Alberta government is struggling to make up for massive budget shortfalls. All kind of rumours are spreading for how this shortfall will be compensated for. It has been shocking to learn that 70% of the Provincial budget is used on salaries and wages. Maybe it’s time to cut down on expenses?

I’m just saying.

Want to know what Bea has been doing?
Look at the picture down below. She made it on my laptop.
Winternight                                      Winter Night
Thanks for dropping by again!


  1. Strange that no where else have I heard that the Calgary Real Estate Market is down 34%.

    1. It appears that although there are significantly fewer homes being sold in the city the prices of those sold are holding steady so that may be where the numbers have come from. Having come from an old Alberta family, we first came here with the Hudson's Bay Co., the only thing you can bank on about the price of oil is it will either go up or down and the economy will follow it's journey. This could be a great opportunity for those willing to take it.

    2. You're right, prices are holding...so far. The numbers re. real estate market were in the news today.

  2. Prices seem to be changing on a daily basis down here. Not sure whether it will soon be going up or dropping a bit either.

  3. I always enjoyed dealing with the public in all forms, 13 years selling bus tickets, and setting up sightseeing tours, 5 years as a union stewart, and 10 years in my restaurant. Now full timing meet lots more new people as well.

    Fuel prices in Ontario are beginning to climb again.

  4. Maybe Albertans need a Provincial tax or perhaps pay for their Health Care again. The "glory days" may soon be over.


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