Friday, January 2, 2015

A Most Unwelcome Turn In The Weather

Over the past 24 hours we have experienced a drop of temperature from +3C (37F) to –20C (-4F) With the falling temperatures we also got 20cm (8Inch) of snow, which as of this morning was blowing across the highway, causing visibility problems. On my way to the city this morning I haven’t seen a single snowplow and city traffic is following ruts in deep snow. While Bea still has to make her way through to the other side of Edmonton, I have the day off. Luckily we decided to purchase new winter tires for her van, otherwise there would have been no way to negotiate through the snow.
snow Edmonton001
Alberta has been awakened to the new year in the most shocking way. Two multiple murders occurred, one in Edmonton, the other in Calgary, each with 7 people killed. It is hard to fathom what’s going on in our society.
snow Edmonton002
Many of these kind of incidents seem to have their roots in social problems, others happen in crime related environments. Some problems seem to have been imported with immigrants from other countries as they have cultural roots.

We hope that YOUR new year will be peaceful and that you stay healthy.


  1. Oh My. What else can be said !

  2. Okay, Peter, you definitely have us beat. I'll let you be the winner. I don't want to compete with the snow. Look at it this way. Summer is coming.

  3. And our daughter has to fly out to "Winterpeg" this week. It'll be minus something or other for her time there. I'm quite happy to stay here, in doors. Take care.


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