Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Was Rewarded Today

As a bus driver I have the most uncommon experiences, mostly with the public. From being attacked to being praised to being rewarded with tips, everything in between as happened. But are bus drivers getting hugged…?

Today I had a young couple and their 5yr. old daughter on the bus. I dropped them off at the Airport. They were already on the curb when suddenly the little girl walked up to me, looked straight up and gave me a bear hug with a big smile. I was totally stunned and so was her parents.

That little girl sure made my day.

On a day in January one would never expect Alberta winter temperatures to raise to 10C (50F), but it so happened today in Edmonton. At the same time the temperature in Phoenix,AZ was 15C and Las Vegas,NV had 14C. Not really much of a difference I’d say. What feels warm in Edmonton must have been a rather cold day in Phoenix and Las Vegas.
All I can say is that we are enjoying this early “spring” a lot.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Sure glad things are warming up a bit for you there.

  2. Finally you get some heat!!! Luv that you got that special hug.

  3. Loving the heatwave, a bit warm here un Ontario as well, we will take it.

  4. I wrote about my experiences with bus drivers the other day. I love my morning bus driver. Feel like I am entering her living room everytime I get on the bus and when leaving she seems genuinely sad to see us go. I went to the extent of filing a commendation for her.


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