Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Is Back In Alberta

Do you remember this picture?
20140908_085036 This was SEPTEMBER 08.

The picture below I took this morning. It’s the weather man on GLOBAL, showing us that summer is back in town.
And not only in town, but over the entire province. Look at Grand Prairie. Yes, that’s 30Celsius. And we are only one day away from the official start of fall.

The pic above I took at a  gas station. Would you buy 2 pop cans for the sweet price of $4.44? And we all know that the energy drinks are not good for your health. But by then you have probably turned into…..a Rock Star. 

Oh my……


  1. We all live accordingly to the weather,but can not control it , so I do not spend my energy on that ,just go along with it.
    We are on the way home after a great summer trip ,have a good winter and see you again in 2015.


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