Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh Geez….Look Out The Window!

I was kind of prepared that it would be a cold day today but look what I found!

Yes that is SNOW. And it is still snowing as we speak. This is not December 08. It’s not even November yet,, nor October. We have September 8 and it is snowing in the Capital of Alberta. Now, I am always for a good joke, but this not just for laughs. This is SERIOUS. Winter came looking for us with his cold and wet hand.

Just 2 days ago, Sunday we had the warmest summer day with temps going above 21C. What are the weather gods doing?

Good thing I have the day off today.


  1. Once upon a time, back in the seventies when one of my older brothers found himself in Edmonton in August, he decided to head farther west when it started snowing! Later that day he and his lady friend were swimming in the Thompson river, in B.C.
    Crazy weather in the Prairies some times. Good luck.

  2. That picture just really brings home why we head south before we have to see any of that stuff. However September 8 is really early.


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