Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Glad I’m Not In Calgary

It’s been three very cold days. actually this is the third. Edmonton saw snow only on Monday. Calgary has enjoyed the pleasures of cold wet snow for the last 2 days and this morning it’s the third day with snow. The Bow Valley received more than 7 inches of the beautiful white stuff. People are exasperated, mad, and unbelieving. It simply made for the talk of the town. I’m scrambling to stock up on propane as one tank after the other is running empty. Luckily the propane price is still low and even the gas price is falling again.
I had actually the day off yesterday but received a call for help just about when I was ready to start supper. A bus had encountered electrical problems which caused the heater to shut down. Of course, this happens on a cold day in Alberta. So I drove to town grabbed another bus and drove north to rescue the freezing passengers. I was back in my trailer at 9pm. My supper was still there…..cold. Well I warmed the stuff and went to bed.



Snowfall warning remains in effect for the City of Calgary and much of southern Alberta

Calgary is getting another dose of winter in the waning stages of summer on September 10. A snowfall warning is in effect for the city and most of southern Alberta.
You want to know what’s funny?  Well coming weekend we are supposed to be back in the summer.

Can you spell C-R-A-Z-Y ?


  1. The weather certainly is out of control. At least ours is wet not white.

  2. I'm so glad we aren't in Calgary either.

  3. Snow in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta in September??? That is so early. Crazy. You are the hero, rescuing the freezing passengers. Good on you.


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