Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Big Step Forward

Throw the dice….the dice have fallen. We have found a place to spend the winter – 2 minutes from where my Inter-City Bus is starting every day. Also minutes from all shopping, and if Bea wants to work part time there is ample opportunity in “umpteen” hotels along Stony Plain Road.

A cute little bungalow where we will have the main floor for ourselves. I saw the ad this morning 15 minutes after it was posted. I responded immediately and got an answer. And this afternoon I went to see the place and made the deal.
From October 15 we have a 6 months lease through the winter.
The wait is over. On October 01 I fly to New Brunswick and will accompany Bea on the 5000km journey through the country. I cannot say how much I look forward to reunite with my home, even if it will be for a few days only. It’ll take a week to cover the distance to Alberta, but it’ll be a wonderful trip, I’m sure. And then life will return to normal.


  1. That's absolutely wonderful! You drive safe and give Bea a hug for me. :)

  2. Will be nice to have all 3 of you under one roof again........:))


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