Monday, September 1, 2014

A Pig. Lifestock Or Pet?

This morning I was shaken by the local morning news relaying a story about a family’s pet. It’s all about Eli, a pot-belly pig in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
Just look at the internet headlines this morning:

UPDATE: Strathcona County tickets owner of pot bellied pig


And just look: It’s been going on for quite some time:

Alberta family has to give up pet potbellied pig

Keeping livestock in a house runs afoul of Strathcona County bylaw

CBC News Posted: Jun 03, 2014 6:36 PM MT Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014 8:29 PM MT

Eli the potbellied pig lives with Michelle Kropp and her family in Sherwood Park, Alta.

And now they go to court?

Court date set for Eli the pot-bellied pig in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park pig owner to return Pride of Strathcona award until the county lets her pet stay

EliPot-bellied pig Eli on the front porch of his home in Sherwood Park Alta., on Tuesday June 3, 2014. Eli's family may have to give him up following a bylaw complaint. David Bloom/Edmonton Sun/QMI Agency

Strathcona County family may have to say goodbye to pig

A woman whose pet pig is being ordered out of her Sherwood Park home says she will return the awards the county gave her for her animal-assisted therapy work.

Pot-belly pigs have no quality as lifestock in our society. They are pets and will always be pets. Actually they don’t bark, like many neglected dogs, they don’t leave poop, as they don’t need to be walked along the curb or through the park. In fact I think they are no nuisance at all to any neighbour. Yet a complaint was made against this Sherwood Park family and their beloved pet.

And what about those types who like to have Boas and other dangerous serpents in their homes? Is that illegal possession of WILDLIFE? Why not make a new bylaw, you stupid counselors?

Is it more fun to destroy the pleasures of a family who loves and cares for their pet?

Or is it that Strathcona County has too much time on their hands which they would like to spend in court.

Shame upon you!


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  1. Hmm they are pets and a few people around here have had them. Very quiet too.


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