Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are YOU On A Cloud?

If you are, you shouldn’t be all that surprised if your data have gone astray. And with “astray” I mean STOLEN and abused. So you are not a celebrity, you say? Hmm… what if other accounts are attached to your iCloud? I would worry about data security. But I am not on a cloud. I will never be. My pics are stored at home. In a safe place. Offline. Now, APPLE says they fixed the flaw. Too late?

Well, if you are not a celebrity…..

What else is happening?

Oh there is the newest American report about a trigger-happy Arizona family wanting to teach her 9 (nine!)-year old daughter how to fire an UZI-machine gun. I bet they thought she should be able to defend herself if attacked. Would she be getting a machine gun on her 18th. birthday? Unfortunately the gun was a bit too much for the little girl and she accidentally shot her trainer. Will there EVER be established common weapon sense in that country?

Talk about being on a cloud.


  1. As bloggers, every word we write and photo we post ends up stored on Google cloud servers - including this post. If you happen to use email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or others that too is stored on company cloud servers.

    Every time we post a photo in our 'public' blogs it is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Today, it's virtually impossible to remain "off the cloud" in some way or other. The best thing we can do is the same way we protect our homes - with locks and keys! By that, I mean having strong passwords and enabling our devices with available verification systems to prove who we are when accessing private data.

  2. ...I agree with Rick but also bear in mind that you should be changing your passwords as well often to ensure that in the event you are hit once, it doesn't happen again.

  3. Can you say gun nut with the emphasis on NUT?

  4. Like Rick says everything on the internet is accessible. If you don't want it to be seen to let is be on the internet.


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