Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pratar Ni Svenska?

You wouldn’t think that there is one person in the entire North America who hadn’t ever heard about the Greyhound Bus, right?
At least that was what I thought and my face must have given my surprise away, for the young lady hurriedly added that she wasn’t “from here” but had just arrived by air from Sweden.

SWEDEN?  Jo da måste man jo prata litegran scandinavisk. Og oss Norske kan jo førstå litegran Svenska. 

Hehe…. did I throw you off here?  Finally I could try my Norwegian again on this young lady and now it was her turn to show some surprise. She was on her way visiting a family in High Prairie for a couple of months working with horses there.
It never ceases to surprise me that so many girls seem to have it in with horses. Talk about horse whispering!

Anyway, she was on my bus today and when we crossed the Athabasca river I did provide some extra information for her using the microphone. By the way, it was the most glorious weather with an absolutely clear blue sky, glowing fall colours and temps reaching past the 20C mark. If life could be like this every day, what a feast it would be.

Have a great feast!

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  1. Jeg husker Stefan Forsman.
    I remember been on a course with Stefan Forsman. It was fantastic to see how he could turn around even the most difficult horse within 15 minutes. Our horses benefited greatly from that course. I would do it again any time.


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