Saturday, February 2, 2013

Short And Odd

 Monkeying Around
imagePeople are known to develop all kind of odd interests. Recently the French police confiscated a collection of 121 monkeys from a private home in Marseille. They had been kept in small dirty bird cages. YIKES!

No Drivers License?
Another Frenchman was recently stopped in a routine check stop. When he could not produce a drivers license he admitted having driven without a license for 34 years. In fact he never did the test. Now He has to pay a fine – not only for driving without a license, but also for driving a car without the bi-annual technical inspection sticker!

image Burnt And Run-away
 A tenant received life threatening injuries during a fire in his basement apartment in the German town of Bad Worishofen. In order to cool of his body he jumped into a pond. Afterwards he climbed over a fence and disappeared. Firefighters found him later in a barn close by and brought him to a hospital.

 Watch Your Vehicle!
A 33-year old was standing behind loading his van, when he notices that the vehicle started to roll away. Quickly he discovered that someone was sitting behind the wheel driving it. On foot he was too slow to follow so he stopped the driver of a snowplow asking him to follow the stolen van.
The snowplow driver forgot all about plowing city streets and started the chase. They managed to stop the thief and discovered that he was a drunk wanting to drive home from last nights party.

Dog Goes To Church
imageAfter the passing of his owner an Italian dog has taken up regular church visits. His female owner used to be a regular at local church services and her burial s ervice was conducted there as well. Every afternoon when the church bells are ringing the dog makes his way to church and takes his place in front of the altar. According to the Italian newspaper “Il Messagero” the local priest has accepted the dog’s quiet presence.
Before his owner died, the dog used to sit in front of the church waiting for the woman to return. Now he participates in every wedding, baptism, and regular Sunday services. The woman had also adopted 3 street dogs. All dogs are now fed by the locals.

and the last one:
The Thief Was A Washing Machine
The police was recently called to a house where the caller thought he had heard a thief rummaging in his laundry room. However, it turned out to be the washing machine itself who had started to wander around the premises under spinning. The cops helped the man getting his washing machine back on track.

And over here.
it really looks like spring has sprung. It is way too warm to sit in the sun, but we are not complaining.

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  1. Ya, Saying it's "too warm to sit in the sun" at the beginning of FEBRUARY ain't too shabby !!

  2. You are right. Folks do come up with some pretty strange interests. I think it's been marvelous here and even been sitting out in that sun and trying to soak it all up.

  3. These are just amazing and it's definitely not too warm to sit in the sun!! Sure was glad to see you guys again.

  4. That is so nice when you need to find a shady spot to sit in February, enjoy the weather.

  5. Hi Pete, how are things going? Are you still using the Starband Satellite I sold you? If not can you return the 2 Watt TRANSMITTER on the lower Arm I let you borrow when you were traveling the USA.
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